Eyebags are the outpouching of the skin just under the eyes. They can be transient like those due to water accumulation under the eye from allergies, excessive salt or positional ( like the way we sleep).

They can also be permanent. Permanent eye bags are usually caused by age when the structures around the eye weaken and sag thereby exposing the fat under the eye.

Treatments include alleviating allergies, limiting salt intake , having good sleeping habits, fillers or surgery. Fillers help by “blending “ and “masking “ the under eye fats that causes eyebags by restoring the vital malar (cheek) area volume. In surgery, the orbital fats that causes eyebag are either sucked out or repositioned.


Collagen threadlift


As we age, dark eye circles become more common, along with droopy eyes and eye bags. Dark eye circles alter our appearance and make us seem as if we are more tired than we actually are. These mild inconveniences often pile on to any body image issues we may already have and might impact our confidence dramatically.

Some resort to eye creams while others choose to go with collagen threadlifts. Collagen threadlifts for the eyes is a procedure that requires threads to be inserted under the eyes which tightens the skin almost immediately. These threads help improve collagen and elastin regeneration. This restores our under eyes to their original state.

This recontouring of the eyes and smoothening of the wrinkles and depression makes us look and feel young again on the inside and out.


Dermal Fillers | Chelsea Clinic

Dermal Fillers also known as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers offer patients a chance to restore their youthful appearance. These fillers are injected into tissues under the skin and will last from 4 to 24 months. HA Fillers can also be reversed with a solvent in case you do change your mind.

Common uses by patients who use Dermal Fillers are to augment the shape of some facial features such as the nose, chin, lips, or cheekbones. They also help to restore volume in the cheeks, temple, under the eyes, hands, and the Marionette. Dermal fillers can also be used to soften static wrinkles.


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