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With the advent of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, we see a massive flood of aesthetic information being posted online by a huge number of people. Regardless of what their backgrounds are, it seems as though everyone has products to recommend and advice to post. The question then, is how do we know which products actually work, and which products don’t?

Everyone is different

We have all heard of this term very often: not every product works for everyone. You can use expensive, luxurious products recommended by doctors at the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore, and it might not work for you simply because it is not be suitable for your skin. The same goes for everything else, be it shampoos, makeup and medical treatments.

If possible, we recommend seeking advice from a certified doctor at an aesthetic clinic such as The Chelsea Clinic. Majority of the aesthetic clinics are established by doctors who have undergone years of training at medical institutions. Doctors can create individualised plans based on your skin and budget.

At The Chelsea Clinic, consultations are priced at $60 because we firmly believe that everyone should have access to good and professional skin advice. When dealing with skin issues, we always like to remind our clients to be patient as results for conditions such as acne and pigmentation do take some time to work.

Lean towards medical professionals

With so much information available online these days, it is not difficult for one to do their research on product and treatments. However, we recommend seeking advice from professional doctors as they are able to assess your skin and advise treatments based on your individual needs.

Medical professionals may include doctors and surgeons or even aestheticians who have received formal training in their fields.

Unlike influencers, medical professionals are familiar with a wide range of medicinal skincare products and treatments, and are able to not only give recommendations but also advice, potential routines, and tips/tricks!

For instance, Dr. Anthony Youn is a plastic surgeon with over six million followers on TikTok. He frequently posts about whether TikTok beauty trends are true or false (‘fact’ or ‘cap’ in TikTok lingo), his experiences in plastic surgery as well as patient experiences, and other relevant topics. His ‘fact or cap’ series about beauty, procedures and general biology are educational, often humorous, and highly popular. He isn’t afraid to call out trends that he recognises can be damaging or fatal, even by other doctors. This honesty is what has led him to be described as one of the most holistic physicians on social media.

Educate yourself

There’s a limit to what you can understand, especially if the information that you’re getting comes from others. It’s always important to understand how your own body works as everyone is different.

At the best, the doctors will always aim to educate you on the treatment that you are intending to undergo. Ultimately, you are the one making the decision. The Chelsea Clinic firmly believes that our job is to inform and educate so you can make the best decisions for yourself.

This knowledge comes in handy whether you choose to engage us or not: knowing what works for your skin can teach you what type of products to use, what treatments to go do, and even what to eat.

Some individuals may feel overwhelmed after researching on a whole lot of information on products or treatments. In this case, approaching an aesthetic clinic to fix an appointment for a consultation may be much more straightforward and helpful.


At the end of the day, the takeaway message from this article is to always consult with a professional as they are trained to look at skin conditions and provide solutions. It is never too late to start taking care of your skin, and there is always a way to improve your skin issues.

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