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Although a common treatment offered in most aesthetic clinics, fillers can be tricky and require a particular set of caring. Whether you are a newbie to fillers or have done a far bit, these tips which will help ease your visit to the doctor’s!

1. Take it slow

Contrary to popular beliefs, not everything has to “go big or go home”. You may regret any overly augmented duck lips or protruding apple cheeks. Depending on the doctor, any unused portion of your fillers may be kept for a second session after you’ve decided you want more.

2. Know what you really want

It is important for you to visualize the type of look you are pursuing for better communication between yourself and the doctor. For instance, do you want a dramatically higher nose bridge, or something more natural. The technique used to inject the fillers is based on your ideal outcome and requests. Some people may feel like they’ve wasted money because they find the results too subtle. Be it scanning through celebrities profiles or self-researching about fillers, it would be best for you to take a moment to think how you want your features to change before the appointment.

3. Self-Prep

Adequate prepping is the key to smooth recovery. Medications and supplements containing: ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil and multi-vitamins should be avoided one week before your appointment. They tend to thin your blood and this causes serious bruising post-treatment. Drinks like caffeine and alcohol must also be avoided 24-hours before and after a procedure. Instead, we give our patients Arnica pills- a homeopathic herb that help reduce bruising.

4. The effects of fillers can be reversed

6 to 24 months is a pretty long wait if you decide you no longer like the shape of your fillers and cannot wait for your body to naturally break it down. On the upside of things, hyaluronic acid fillers can be safely dissolved with hyaluronidase – a enzyme that naturally and quickly breaks down fillers. Full effects can be seen in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this solution is not entirely pain-free. Although numbing is applied before the injection, the presence of nerves (especially in the lips which is the most sensitive part of the body) may make the procedure uncomfortable. There may also be some side effects such as swelling and some bruising post-treatment, but this should subside within a few days.

5. Be prepared to splurge

As addictive as it can be, fillers are rarely a one-off thing and require some levels of commitments. On the average, fillers can last between 6-12 or more months. One 1ml syringe costs anywhere between $600-1200 in Singapore. It can be quite expensive if you go for regular top-ups to maintain the effects and need 2ml or more each sitting. On a side note, you should also know what goes into your face and whether your filler brands are HSA and FDA approved.

6. Only do fillers with a doctor you really trust

As there are delicate vessels in these areas you are intending to inject with fillers, bruising and tenderness are very common side effects. It is important to consult with a doctor who is highly familiar with facial anatomy and skilful enough to avoid these vessels when administrating the fillers, lest the risk of vascular occlusion, necrosis (death of cells in living tissues), permanent scarring or disfigurement. Although such risks are rare, precautions have to be taken to ensure a smooth treatment process. Besides safety, the other challenge is getting these fillers injected and moulded to a shape that beautifully enhances your overall proportions. Some doctors adopt the rule of “Golden Ratio” as a guide.